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Trump It – The Real Value of Twitter

As those of you who know me will be painfully aware, my familiarity with modern communications technology is pretty well summed up by the scene the start of 2001: A Space Odyssey, where our remote, barely-human ancestors were stunned and … Continue reading

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Welsh Loanwords

The study of placenames in Britain has always interested me, so I was particularly pleased to see this BBC feature dealing with Welsh loanwords in English, among others. There’s quite a bit of material there that was new to me, … Continue reading

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Abandoning the Quest

I don’t overly enjoy writing, but for some reason I can’t pin down, it’s something I feel compelled to do, although this compulsion becomes less powerful the longer my ill-health continues. Having said that, I’ve deliberately kept my study of … Continue reading

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“Fingerprint Words”

This article on ‘fingerprint words‘ in The Independent made me cringe in sheer horror, because I’m as guilty of this as anyone else – perhaps more so – but it’s always better to be aware of one’s shortcomings rather than … Continue reading

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Review of Operation Stonehenge Part II

I’ve only just now been able to watch Part II of Operation Stonehenge, but over the past few days, various friends and relatives of mine had contacted me to say how much they enjoyed it, so these are the best … Continue reading

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Review of Operation Stonehenge, Part 1

Earlier this evening, I watched the first installment of Operation Stonehenge on BBC 1, and it will surprise few of you who used to follow my Eternal Idol site to learn that my expectations for this production hovered somewhere around … Continue reading

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The Revealing of Yet More Stonehenge Secrets

Earlier today I noticed yet another feature, this time on the BBC, concerning yet more of Stonehenge’s secrets being revealed. The degree of accuracy and certainty described by the researchers positively takes the breath away, because we learn of no … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Jack!

A very happy birthday to my wonderful son Jack, who’s nineteen today and who grew up at Stonehenge, learning to walk there on the countless occasions I took him to visit the ruins with his little sister when we all … Continue reading

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The Winning Stonehenge Raffles

As I’ve said before, I lived on Salisbury Plain for around a decade, from 1996 to 2005, and during that time, I visited Stonehenge around three times a week. Of course, I soon lost count of how many times I … Continue reading

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President Barack Obama Visits Stonehenge

Earlier today, President Obama chose to visit Stonehenge, so after two days of presumably discussing little else apart from the hatred, death and destruction in the world, I assume that being able to wander alone among the stones of one … Continue reading

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