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The Moonlandingz

A few nights ago, I drove down to Exmouth at midnight, a leisurely journey along deserted, switchback roads that took something like twenty-five minutes, although I must admit that’s a guess, as I wasn’t paying attention to the passing of … Continue reading

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The Moon’s Wrecked Angles

A few minutes ago, I was enthralled to read this article on the BBC news site dealing with a newly-discovered rectangular or square-shaped feature on the Moon. You can read it for yourselves and make of it what you will, … Continue reading

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Review of Operation Stonehenge Part II

I’ve only just now been able to watch Part II of Operation Stonehenge, but over the past few days, various friends and relatives of mine had contacted me to say how much they enjoyed it, so these are the best … Continue reading

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The Revealing of Yet More Stonehenge Secrets

Earlier today I noticed yet another feature, this time on the BBC, concerning yet more of Stonehenge’s secrets being revealed. The degree of accuracy and certainty described by the researchers positively takes the breath away, because we learn of no … Continue reading

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