Welsh Loanwords

The study of placenames in Britain has always interested me, so I was particularly pleased to see this BBC feature dealing with Welsh loanwords in English, among others. There’s quite a bit of material there that was new to me, so I hope others enjoy perusing this as much as I did.

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1 Response to Welsh Loanwords

  1. eternalidol says:

    Priddy wasn’t mentioned in the BBC piece, but for those of you who have read my book “The Missing Years…”, you’ll understand how and why my attention’s been concentrated on it for so long, perhaps to the exclusion of others. I have my dictionary of English Place Names to hand, so I’ll have to trawl through it again to see if I can add anything else to the BBC’s list of place names, but if anyone call tell me any other Welsh loan words, I’d be extremely interested to learn of them.


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