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The Gates of Janus

May Janus ‘usher’ in a better year for us all than the last one.

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Stonehenge Tunnel Vision

I’m extremely grateful to Brian for writing in so eloquently a few days ago, thereby planting the seed of an idea in my mind, while I’m also very grateful to Jon for his incisive thoughts on the matter and for … Continue reading

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The Temples of Albion: A Guest Post by Dan Johnston

Below are some excerpts from my new book The Temples of Albion An Exploration of the Purpose behind Stone Circles dealing with some remarkable Neolithic geometry involved in the siting of Stonehenge and other stone circles. I first started checking … Continue reading

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I’ve had a tough year, which isn’t getting any easier, but one’s gaze must always be upon Virgil’s “cheerful skies”, I feel. Thank you to everyone who’s stayed with me and written in, so we’ll just have to see what … Continue reading

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The Aberration of the Magi

For me, the most uplifting aspect of Christmas has always been the tale of the Three Wise Men or Magi, who followed the star that led them to the stable where Jesus had been born. I’m unconcerned as to whether … Continue reading

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Maria, the Gentle Whisperer

As those of you who have followed my writing over the years will be aware, I’ve always been interested in what you might broadly describe as ‘exotic’ matters. More specifically, when the strident, indignant priests of the new religion of … Continue reading

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Genius Loki

Those of you with children in their late teens will surely understand the mild degree of apprehension I felt when my son Jack left home a few months ago to go on his travels, half a world away from me … Continue reading

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Louisa Manning

One story that caught my eye and my imagination a few days ago was that of Louisa Manning, the young woman who found an opportunity to take belated but spectacular revenge in the spirit of Voltaire upon a childhood tormentor. … Continue reading

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The Dying of the Light

Twenty years ago today, I was grappling with a truly ferocious hangover, as the night before, I’d finished filming The Crystal Maze then I’d enthusiastically joined in the uproarious celebrations at the wrap party. Then I learned that my dad … Continue reading

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Swan Lake

I habitually write about the uplifting qualities of the British landscape, British antiquities and some British poetry, all of which entrance me, but this is not to say that I’m blind to the finer qualities of modern creations. The photograph … Continue reading

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