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Apollo 10, the Music of the Spheres and Konstantin Raudive

I was fascinated to learn of the experience of the crew of the Apollo 10 spacecraft while they were orbiting the Moon in 1969. When their craft lost contact with Earth as it disappeared around the far side of the … Continue reading

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Playing Hide and Seek with the Ghosts of Dawn

For nine long months or more, I have chosen to sleep downstairs to provide my dog Blueboy with my company. His mind is going, so he often howls or barks in the night as if he’s calling out to someone … Continue reading

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Ishtar, Queen of the Night

A little while ago, I learned of the depredations in northern Iraq, where some of the greatest treasures from antiquity are being destroyed. When I learned of these terrible things, I chose not to read another word, nor view another … Continue reading

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“We Live as We Dream – Alone”

From 1988 to 1991, I worked on a mediaeval jousting tournament that was based at Breamore, just outside Salisbury. I always worked with the touring unit, so my travels took me around the British Isles, Europe, Scandinavia and Russia in … Continue reading

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The Moon’s Wrecked Angles

A few minutes ago, I was enthralled to read this article on the BBC news site dealing with a newly-discovered rectangular or square-shaped feature on the Moon. You can read it for yourselves and make of it what you will, … Continue reading

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The Cheerful Skies

I’ve kept late hours for as long as I can remember, not through temperament, but because I have no choice in the matter. As with other aspects of my life, I try to make the best of it, because that’s … Continue reading

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