The Revealing of Yet More Stonehenge Secrets


Earlier today I noticed yet another feature, this time on the BBC, concerning yet more of Stonehenge’s secrets being revealed. The degree of accuracy and certainty described by the researchers positively takes the breath away, because we learn of no less than 17 ‘shrines’ as well as the specific age and function of at least one structure that was apparently dedicated to mortuary practises, even though none have yet been excavated and examined. Glancing at the map/treasure trove above, I’m most interested by the two new shrines or monuments that lie to the northwest of Stonehenge, but I shall have to wait to write more about TANITH until such time as my Eternal Idol site’s resurrected.

Meanwhile, it’s a good job that I’m a firm believer in reincarnation, because there’s clearly enough material here to last me several lifetimes.

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4 Responses to The Revealing of Yet More Stonehenge Secrets

  1. Neil says:

    Ah, I’ve found you again! Hope the old site returns soon enough. Whatever the pronouncements made for the sites identified, and in this day and age it seems like you have to have certainties to sell a story (which is a shame), I think this is pretty stunning stuff. For someone like me who has a great interest in these things but no memory for where things sit in the landscape it would be great to mark things up on this map, such as Coneybury Henge (?) and the various barrow groups, because there’s a whole host of lines and shapes visible that I’ve no idea whether they are known or not known etc. And as much as the area covered so far is huge, I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing they’d just pushed a bit further north, south and west…

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  2. Austin says:

    Is anyone aware where to find out which image relates to which ‘new monument’ . I can’t see this annotated on Tim Daws site or the press release . Is there a detailed full report available online anywhere .


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