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Bleak House: the New Language of Stonehenge

It may perhaps not be to everyone’s taste, but I’ve always enjoyed poring over the essay by William Hazlitt entitled “On Going a Journey” if for no other reason than that the author can barely contain his enthusiasm for writing … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Richard Cavendish, genius author of The Black Arts

I do not know of a single person who has not suffered in some way during 2016, not only on account of one or more of their cultural or childhood heroes dying, but also because of the way they perceive … Continue reading

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Nerve-racking or Nerve-wracking?

There are times when I’m frustrated and disappointed by the poor quality of some of the features I see on the BBC news site, a place I visit on a daily basis, but this is because so much else of … Continue reading

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Red Dragon, by Thomas Harris

After pondering what the Reverend Hargreaves had to say about the Welsh flag, then reading the informative essay on the subject by the vastly more enlightened Dr Evelien Bracke, all of which has been covered in previous posts, it was … Continue reading

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New Words for a New World Order

In my previous post, I mentioned soundbites, tweets, vines and a few other appalling examples from a growing modern lexicon coined to reflect the increasing brevity and inanity with which we use the miracle of the internet to communicate with … Continue reading

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The Name of the Rose

When I first started writing on my Eternal Idol site, around a decade ago, I was advised by many well-meaning people that there was no future in composing and publishing lengthy essays on Stonehenge or any other subjects because there … Continue reading

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A Dearth of Pagan Poetry

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in awe of the Romantic poets and their myriad offerings. In modern times, there’s been a resurgence of paganism in Britain, with any number of people claiming to be bards, but … Continue reading

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