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The Antiquarian’s Nightmare

I wandered o’er a desolate plain Past tombs of kings; now sprawling mounds All plundered, out of earthly gain, By men of rank who rode to hounds And sought to make their stature rise By laying bare the heathen dead; … Continue reading

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The Devil Rides Out

At some point in the early to mid-1970s, I had what I regard as the great good fortune to read Dennis Wheatley’s superb black magic novel The Devil Rides Out and it was a “watcher of the skies” moment for … Continue reading

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Moonlight Sonata

Tonight’s spectacular moon reminds me of the many pleasurable nights I spent wandering the wilds of Salisbury Plain with Blueboy, when we were both younger and more agile than we are now. During that time, I encountered many strange settings, … Continue reading

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Original investigation into “The Ruin” as being the earliest description in English of Stonehenge: June 29th 2008.

  As I made clear in my previous post, I am thrilled beyond measure that the BBC have featured an investigation by Dr Graeme Davis into the idea that the mediaeval poem The Ruin contains the earliest known reference in … Continue reading

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Review of Operation Stonehenge Part II

I’ve only just now been able to watch Part II of Operation Stonehenge, but over the past few days, various friends and relatives of mine had contacted me to say how much they enjoyed it, so these are the best … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Jack!

A very happy birthday to my wonderful son Jack, who’s nineteen today and who grew up at Stonehenge, learning to walk there on the countless occasions I took him to visit the ruins with his little sister when we all … Continue reading

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Dragon Mounds and the Night’s Watch

Those of you who were regular visitors to Eternal Idol, which is temporarily off-line, will be fully aware of my interest in the prehistory of Stonehenge. At the same time, I’ve openly advertised my fascination with ghosts, magic and other … Continue reading

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