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Film of Princess Elizabeth’s Initiation into Welsh Druid Order, 1946

I was fascinated when I came across this short news clip of Princess – now Queen – Elizabeth, being initiated into a Welsh Druid Order in 1946, because I wasn’t aware that our monarch had ever been a part of … Continue reading

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Pagan Dawn and Alan Moore

It may well be because I’m looking in the wrong places, but I’m frequently disappointed by the quality of much that I see online concerning paganism, magic, art, poetry and the like, mainly because the ideas expressed are either vague … Continue reading

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Apollo 10, the Music of the Spheres and Konstantin Raudive

I was fascinated to learn of the experience of the crew of the Apollo 10 spacecraft while they were orbiting the Moon in 1969. When their craft lost contact with Earth as it disappeared around the far side of the … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, “Knight of the Round Table”

I am honoured to have many American friends who are some of the most cultured and enlightened people it is my pleasure to know, so I think it’s a great shame when Americans are stereotyped as people who are ignorant … Continue reading

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Shelley’s Wrecks

Earlier this evening, I was happily browsing through an anthology of English poetry when I came upon the Chorus of Shelley’s verse drama Hellas. I had read it before and enjoyed it, long ago, on account of the memorable stanzas … Continue reading

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The Kite and the Crow

“Behold the soaring crow and kite Emblazoned in their woodland flight Plumed in totem black and red As if both heart and night had bled Elemental sprites of air To make poor humans stop and stare.” The photograph above shows … Continue reading

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Echoes in the Darkness of Silbury Hill

In 1849, workmen under the direction of Dean Merewether hacked another tunnel into the side of Silbury Hill, hoping to uncover the golden coffin of King Zil or else the legendary ruler himself seated on a life-size horse cast from … Continue reading

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Jesus the Shape-Shifter: Luke 4, verses 28-30

This may well be old news to some of you reading this, but I was nonetheless intrigued when I learned of the discovery in 2013 of an ancient Coptic text, written in the name of St Cyril of Jerusalem, that … Continue reading

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Stone Cold Sober at Stonehenge?

The recent proposal by English Heritage to ban alcohol at Stonehenge during the open access events has been met with indignation in some quarters. Many of those complaining describe themselves as pagans, who might make a vastly more convincing case … Continue reading

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