Film of Princess Elizabeth’s Initiation into Welsh Druid Order, 1946

I was fascinated when I came across this short news clip of Princess – now Queen – Elizabeth, being initiated into a Welsh Druid Order in 1946, because I wasn’t aware that our monarch had ever been a part of such a group. When I watch this film, I see an uplifting ceremony taking place in an idyllic rural setting, while it’s clear from the commentary that this is a cultural event rather than a religious one.

What most impresses me about this footage is that it is a record of happier times, because I find it impossible to imagine such a security-free, open air event with a member of royalty and so many other people present taking place today. As a Welshman, I’m proud of the bardic tradition that endures and is celebrated in my country of birth, but there are of course those who see something sinister and conspiratorial in these proceedings, which is one reason I no longer write about such matters to the degree that I once did.

For those of you who share my appreciation of the ceremony shown in the film, I’ve copied the further information provided by the person who posted it on YouTube and I’ve reproduced it below. To my mind, this suspicion of and hostility towards ‘others’, whoever those ‘others’ may be, makes depressing reading, but it seems to me that it’s symptomatic of the baleful times we’re all living through.


Published on 17 Jul 2015

Monday, October 11, 2010
Queen Elizabeth [then Princess] Visited the Druids Too?…

If anyone wants to scoff and yell “conspiracy theorist” at those who question the doings of the global elite and speak of Mystery cults and secret societies in modern times being still in action, show them THIS PICTURE from Life magazine. Keep in mind many of these groups have cover stories for all their doings; such as people believing the Masons are just a group meant to do good charity work with some enjoyable “rituals” that are supposedly harmless.

The caption under the photo of the then Princess Elizabeth meeting up with folks dressed in robes reads:

Queen Elizabeth Meets the Druids
Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) in a robe of green is led by an acolyte to Archdruid Crwys Williams, who will initiate her into the Mystic Circle of Bards at the national Eisteddfod, or festival, at Mountain Ash, Glamorgan, Wales, August 6, 1946. Men and women who have made a significant and lasting contribution to Welsh culture are sometimes initiated or ceremonially welcomed into Druidical mysteries. But again — there’s no certainty that these mysteries, so many hundreds of years after the original Druids thrived, are related in any way to the actual practices, beliefs, and rituals of the ancients themselves.

Here is yet another photo with two accompanying women. as well as what appears to be part of the “ceremony” itself, with everyone in “costume”. Odd behaviour for someone who later was given the title as queen as the “defender of the faith”. I remember when the news came out too that Rowan Williams–head of the Church of England, was exposed for having participated as a Druid.

Archbishop in waiting becomes druid

By Richard Savill
Published: 12:01AM BST 06 Aug 2002

The next Archbishop of Canterbury was inducted as an honorary white druid yesterday at an open-air ceremony in Wales reminiscent of a scene from a Monty Python sketch.

Dr Rowan Williams, dismissing suggestions that he was dabbling in paganism, joined blue-hooded druids ranked behind a golden harp to be admitted into the Welsh Gorsedd of Bards.

Well what made me even remember this stuff from years ago and think on this, well the Druid religion was made OFFICIAL recently in England. Well from what I can see about the Gorsedd of Bards group, they make out that all this Druidic ceremonial hoo-haw is to honor poets, artists and those who have contributed to Welsh culture, will this change now that the religion itself is OFFICIAL? There seems to be that these Druid modern meet-ups are happening in different places. Look at this one, don’t miss this page, that describes the ceremonies and regalia which includes the sun worship inspired “Awen”.

Since when does being a ‘good writer, poet or cultural maven” necessitate being involved in pagan religious ceremonies? After all the Druids are now considered a “real religion” and has many supporters.

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4 Responses to Film of Princess Elizabeth’s Initiation into Welsh Druid Order, 1946

  1. Bart Schroeven says:

    It certainly is a telling sign of the times, isn’t it? Too many minds seem to be inclined to veer off into suspicion, conspiracy and sectarianism (“us” against “them”), whatever the topic. And yet, at the same time I can feel this quiet revolution of the heart taking place, wherein people wake up and grow but on an individual basis and without sensing the need to be part of a movement or organisation, detached from the lure and temptation of the herd. These are interesting and exciting times we live in 🙂

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    • eternalidol says:

      It’s a strange thing; the internet connects us all and you would imagine that such a thing would facilitate mutual understanding, but from what I can see, everyone is straining to make their voice and presence heard by just about any means they can. Purely from watching the news of the Republican candidacies in America, it seems to me that those making most headway are those who seek to blame ‘others’ for a range of ills, but perhaps I’m focusing on too narrow a range of human expression.

      The internet has also allowed countless millions access to alternative viewpoints through alternative media, while I can’t deny that there’s a great deal of interesting, engaging material ‘out there’ along with all the dross, if one is lucky enough to find it, so perhaps you’re right.

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  2. Fo anyone who’s interested in the (original) Druids, my new book is being published on March 30. It’s called “Religion in Britain from the Megaliths to Arthur”, and among other things I try to trace the history of the Druids from the megaliths to the early Christian era.

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  3. nanny cross says:

    yes, the shifting is taking hold, we have been remembering our connections to dear Gaia. Now raise up your heart and sing out loud.


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