“Fingerprint Words”

This article on ‘fingerprint words‘ in The Independent made me cringe in sheer horror, because I’m as guilty of this as anyone else – perhaps more so – but it’s always better to be aware of one’s shortcomings rather than to persist in a delusion. I don’t know what to do about my repeated use of certain words, but following the inspirational example of Moonwatcher in The Sentinel, I’ll think of something.

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2 Responses to “Fingerprint Words”

  1. Dan Johnston says:

    Fingerprint words are a blessing disguised as a bad habit. They propagate the use of complex language and the preservation of functional vocabulary in a world increasingly dominated by texting and dumbing down human communication to be fair. LOL.

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  2. eternalidol says:

    Your words have arrived at just the right time, Dan, because I’ve been stupefied by the latest batch of ‘fingerprint words’ as propagated by our elected leaders. If I see the word ‘narrative’ again in a journalistic report, I think I’ll start drinking heavily, while the same applies to the words ‘nuanced’, ‘clear’ and ‘clarity’, but I’m sure a few others will leap out of the page as soon as I’ve posted this. That’s the bad side, but I’m sure you’re right when you infer that there’s something good about the fingerprint words that the rest of us use, although I shall be composing and publishing with exceedingly great care from now on lest one or more of my personal causes for embarrassment creeps into my prose again.


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