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Song for Pan

A deity who has fascinated me for decades is the Greek god Pan, but it’s a long story and I’ll have to write about it on another occasion. In the meantime, I’ve just come across this beautiful Song for Pan … Continue reading

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Modern Machinations & Merlin’s Engines

Once again, the astonishing Antikythera Mechanism is in the news and rightly so, because further detailed study of this intricate device has suggested that it’s older than was previously thought and may have been constructed as early as 205 BC. … Continue reading

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Newton’s Strange Seas

The older I get, the more pleasure and satisfaction I derive from reading poetry, although I wouldn’t say that my tastes are all-encompassing. When I was a child in the 1960s, I was thrilled to hear songs by the Beatles … Continue reading

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Survey of Fairy Sightings

A few days ago, I learned of a survey being conducted by the Fairy Investigation Society, so if you wish to contribute to this study, you can do so here, either as a first-hand observer or as someone who knows … Continue reading

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Jesus in Britain – A Shunned Aspect of British History

Whenever Stonehenge is mentioned in the media, the journalist responsible for the written or filmed piece invariably adds some background to whatever the current story may be by mentioning any one of a number of aspects of the place, such … Continue reading

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“Praying to the Devil to keep them safe”

At the beginning of October, I was fascinated to read this BBC feature dealing with the active worship of the Devil in certain working mines in South America, then earlier today, by another one of those cosmic coincidences, I learned … Continue reading

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Lucid Dreams

My personal possessions are going missing to the extent that I’m seriously beginning to entertain the possibility that a supernatural agency such as a poltergeist may be responsible. These are things that have no business going missing, mainly because I … Continue reading

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