President Barack Obama Visits Stonehenge


Earlier today, President Obama chose to visit Stonehenge, so after two days of presumably discussing little else apart from the hatred, death and destruction in the world, I assume that being able to wander alone among the stones of one the most enigmatic prehistoric monuments on Earth was a peaceful and uplifting experience. I’ve spent nearly two decades lost in contemplation of the ruins and it’s brought me more pleasure than I can begin to recount, so I hope the President had a glimpse of this for himself and was able to take it back home with him.

Otherwise, I gather he was the first serving president of the USA to visit Wales, so at least this man now knows where my home country is, unlike his predecessor. The details of President Obama’s visit to Wales and thence to Stonehenge send my mind reeling with all manner of echoes and resonances, but in the generous spirit I hope I’ve always displayed, I will leave you to discover and ponder these curious things for yourselves.


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3 Responses to President Barack Obama Visits Stonehenge

  1. eternalidol says:

    Here’s a very nice video of Obama’s visit to the stones:

    Aynslie (If someone can help me post comments successfully without posing as Dennis, I’d be grateful. The comments tingie doesn’t seem to like me when I’m being myself)

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