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My Encounter with Former Members of the SS

Greetings, Harriet – are you sitting comfortably? The recent anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz has given me cause to reflect at some length on the Holocaust and those responsible for it, so I’ve spent my free time over the … Continue reading

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I grew up hearing first hand accounts of civilian life and armed service during the Second World War from my mother and father, my grandparents, some neighbours, teachers and a few uncles. I learned that one of my neighbours and … Continue reading

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American Snipers

When I first heard mention of the film American Sniper, I immediately assumed that it was going to be a production in the vein of The Day of the Jackal, wherein a murderous sniper was ultimately tracked down and killed … Continue reading

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A Grooved Bluestone and the Sensation of “Presque Vu”

Over the years, there have been several occasions when I’ve been prompted to compose and publish posts dealing with the eerie sensation of deja vu that I’ve experienced when I’ve inadvertently encountered “Stonehenge Revelations!” penned by others. For better or … Continue reading

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Living with Doggy Dementia, or “Mad Dogs and Welshmen…”

The photo above shows me and my dog Blueboy, about seven years ago, when we were both in a lot better shape than we are now. I chose Blueboy from a litter at a farm on Salisbury Plain around twelve … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal, “No Go Zones” and more #foxnewsfacts

While it is a fact that Bobby Jindal is the Republican governor of Lousiana, I feel it’s equally true to say that this man is also a native of Dumbfuckistan. This became evident to me when I learned of his … Continue reading

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“Whose” – Elegance Trumps Tradition

I’ve recently been working on a letter to another man of letters, and I found myself wondering if I could use the word whose as the possessive pronoun of which. For anyone else who might be curious or otherwise struggling … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo and the Snowmen

Last week, I watched the news as the terror attacks in France unfolded, then reached their violent ends. I don’t think anyone deserves to die for drawing a cartoon and contrary to the expectations of some who might be reading … Continue reading

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Hijabberwocky and other #foxnewsfacts

It’s a well-known fact that Fox News exclusively draws its personnel from and broadcasts exclusively for the benefit of the land-locked American state Dumbfuckistan. Yesterday, when the rest of the civilised world was engaged in deep, painful introspection after the … Continue reading

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Awe Ox

In John Boorman’s film Excalibur, there’s a wonderful scene where the wizard Merlin is talking in a woodland vale with Morgana, the enchantress, about magic and the times they live in. At one point, he tells her: “The days of … Continue reading

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