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Bleak House: the New Language of Stonehenge

It may perhaps not be to everyone’s taste, but I’ve always enjoyed poring over the essay by William Hazlitt entitled “On Going a Journey” if for no other reason than that the author can barely contain his enthusiasm for writing … Continue reading

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A Solution to the “LV Question Mark” on Stone 156?

A few days ago, I was drawn to look at Simon Banton’s excellent Stonehenge Monument site and I saw this intriguing article dealing with what was described as the “LV Question Mark” on Stone 156. The detailed, lengthy post consists … Continue reading

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In Honour of William Peter Blatty

In the 1970s, when I was a teenager, I became fascinated by both the film and the novel of The Exorcist, while I remain so to this day. I could write at enormous length about why this should be, in … Continue reading

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Blueboy, Comes Quondam, Comesque Aeternus

Over the last few months, numerous people have urged me to get another dog and I readily accept that these things have been said to me with the best of intentions. I greatly appreciate these kind thoughts, because despite the … Continue reading

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