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The Ever-Lasting Allure of the Hesperides

Over the course of roughly a decade, I’ve become increasingly fascinated with the ancient Greek myth of the Garden of the Hesperides, a wonderful retreat somewhere at the western edge of the known world in ancient times. I had hoped … Continue reading

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Hazlitt on Coleridge; Lovecraft and Stonehenge

A few days ago, while I was attempting to get the piles of books here in my study into some kind of order, I was delighted to rediscover my aged, hardback copy of The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. The … Continue reading

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Echoes in the Darkness of Silbury Hill

In 1849, workmen under the direction of Dean Merewether hacked another tunnel into the side of Silbury Hill, hoping to uncover the golden coffin of King Zil or else the legendary ruler himself seated on a life-size horse cast from … Continue reading

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