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The Moonlandingz

A few nights ago, I drove down to Exmouth at midnight, a leisurely journey along deserted, switchback roads that took something like twenty-five minutes, although I must admit that’s a guess, as I wasn’t paying attention to the passing of … Continue reading

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A Memorial to Alan Kurdi

It is neither my desire nor my intention to mislead anyone, so I will begin by saying that this post deals solely with my failure to realise my ambition to create and put in place a physical memorial to Alan … Continue reading

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The Cheerful Skies

By way of concluding his Grand Tour of South America, my son Jack saw in the New Year at a party on Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach, while I think the photograph above is as good an example of Virgil’s … Continue reading

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I’ve had a tough year, which isn’t getting any easier, but one’s gaze must always be upon Virgil’s “cheerful skies”, I feel. Thank you to everyone who’s stayed with me and written in, so we’ll just have to see what … Continue reading

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