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For Aynslie – Hail to the Stonehenge Gods 2015

I don’t write about Stonehenge in public to the degree that I once did, but the ruins on Salisbury Plain remain a constant source of wonderment for me and as such, they’re never far from my thoughts. There has been … Continue reading

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A Tale of Three Tombs and the Irrelevance of Peer Review

The most recent news update on the subject informs us that Egyptian officials – presumably from the Antiquities Ministry – are now 90% sure that there is a hidden chamber in Tutankhamun’s tomb. It seems likely that if this recess … Continue reading

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Newton’s Strange Seas

The older I get, the more pleasure and satisfaction I derive from reading poetry, although I wouldn’t say that my tastes are all-encompassing. When I was a child in the 1960s, I was thrilled to hear songs by the Beatles … Continue reading

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Original investigation into “The Ruin” as being the earliest description in English of Stonehenge: June 29th 2008.

  As I made clear in my previous post, I am thrilled beyond measure that the BBC have featured an investigation by Dr Graeme Davis into the idea that the mediaeval poem The Ruin contains the earliest known reference in … Continue reading

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Stonehenge, “The Ruin” and a Distinct Sensation of Deja-Vu

Earlier today, I was mesmerised to read this feature on the BBC news site dealing with Stonehenge and the distinct possibility that the monument may have been described in a mediaeval poem entitled “The Ruin”. This exciting theory has been … Continue reading

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