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The Moonlandingz

A few nights ago, I drove down to Exmouth at midnight, a leisurely journey along deserted, switchback roads that took something like twenty-five minutes, although I must admit that’s a guess, as I wasn’t paying attention to the passing of … Continue reading

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Bleak House: the New Language of Stonehenge

It may perhaps not be to everyone’s taste, but I’ve always enjoyed poring over the essay by William Hazlitt entitled “On Going a Journey” if for no other reason than that the author can barely contain his enthusiasm for writing … Continue reading

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Hazlitt on Coleridge; Lovecraft and Stonehenge

A few days ago, while I was attempting to get the piles of books here in my study into some kind of order, I was delighted to rediscover my aged, hardback copy of The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. The … Continue reading

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Shelley’s Wrecks

Earlier this evening, I was happily browsing through an anthology of English poetry when I came upon the Chorus of Shelley’s verse drama Hellas. I had read it before and enjoyed it, long ago, on account of the memorable stanzas … Continue reading

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The Definitive Truth?

“He who begins by loving Christianity better than Truth will proceed by loving his own sect or church better than Christianity, and end by loving himself better than all.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge A little while ago, my bilious temperament was … Continue reading

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