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The Shallows’ Heartfelt Chime

I do not feel as if I have the weight of the world on my shoulders, but I try to take a regular interest in current affairs, so it follows that there should be occasions when the news is not … Continue reading

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Two Greek Hauntings

When I fell ill last March, the experience robbed me of my inclination and ability to write, but mercifully, this seems to have been a temporary state of affairs. There are many things I wish to write about, particularly concerning … Continue reading

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Blueboy’s Stream

The day will come when I write an elegy for Blueboy, but that will have to be when I’m feeling a lot better and when I’ve returned to something resembling my old, former self. As well as writing a commemorative … Continue reading

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The Devil Rides Out

At some point in the early to mid-1970s, I had what I regard as the great good fortune to read Dennis Wheatley’s superb black magic novel The Devil Rides Out and it was a “watcher of the skies” moment for … Continue reading

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Encounter with a Fox

I was sat outside earlier in the half-light, enjoying nightfall, when something happened that I hadn’t experienced for perhaps over a year. As I gazed up the length of my garden towards the hills and trees behind my home, I … Continue reading

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