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Ghost Finder – Half a Century of Hauntings

A few weeks ago, a chance conversation with a friend of mine somehow reminded me of a fearful, otherworldly encounter that I experienced when I was about eight years old, around half a century ago in an unremarkable house in … Continue reading

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Llanthony Secunda Manor

The video above was brought to my attention a few minutes ago, but with the best will in the world, I couldn’t watch more than just a few minutes of it. My little sister once used to own this place … Continue reading

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The Devil Rides Out

At some point in the early to mid-1970s, I had what I regard as the great good fortune to read Dennis Wheatley’s superb black magic novel The Devil Rides Out and it was a “watcher of the skies” moment for … Continue reading

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The Spectre Looms Again

A few days ago, I received some welcome presents for my birthday from my sister, in the form of three separate paperbacks from the 1970s dealing with the subject of ghosts and hauntings. I already have great piles of books … Continue reading

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The Phantoms of Edgehill

Today is one of my favourite dates in the calendar year, as it marks the beginning of the Reign of Scorpio, the star sign beneath which I was born all those years ago, while it’s also the anniversary of the … Continue reading

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Dragon Mounds and the Night’s Watch

Those of you who were regular visitors to Eternal Idol, which is temporarily off-line, will be fully aware of my interest in the prehistory of Stonehenge. At the same time, I’ve openly advertised my fascination with ghosts, magic and other … Continue reading

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