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The Forgotten Fairy Origins of “Eldritch”.

I have been familiar with the word ‘eldritch’ for decades, as a result of seeing it appear in the incomparable works of the horror fantasy writer H.P. Lovecraft. Knowing Lovecraft’s fondness for what most people today would consider to be … Continue reading

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Hazlitt on Coleridge; Lovecraft and Stonehenge

A few days ago, while I was attempting to get the piles of books here in my study into some kind of order, I was delighted to rediscover my aged, hardback copy of The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. The … Continue reading

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Stonehenge and the Secret of the Dance

If there’s one thing the world isn’t short of, it’s thrilling insights, theories and revelations concerning the secrets of Stonehenge, so I’m reluctant to add to this ongoing sum total. As such, I’ll confine myself to a brief observation that … Continue reading

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Pagan Dawn and Alan Moore

It may well be because I’m looking in the wrong places, but I’m frequently disappointed by the quality of much that I see online concerning paganism, magic, art, poetry and the like, mainly because the ideas expressed are either vague … Continue reading

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One of the gifts I was fortunate enough to receive for Christmas in 2015 was this handsome volume of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, from my son Jack. In addition, I have two volumes of the Game of Thrones … Continue reading

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For Aynslie – Hail to the Stonehenge Gods 2015

I don’t write about Stonehenge in public to the degree that I once did, but the ruins on Salisbury Plain remain a constant source of wonderment for me and as such, they’re never far from my thoughts. There has been … Continue reading

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Moonlight in Black Shuck Country

Around ten days ago, I was idly pondering some of the features in the Stonehenge landscape when some ‘thing’ quietly called out for my attention. This is a sensation I long ago grew accustomed to, but despite the fact that … Continue reading

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