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The Ever-Lasting Allure of the Hesperides

Over the course of roughly a decade, I’ve become increasingly fascinated with the ancient Greek myth of the Garden of the Hesperides, a wonderful retreat somewhere at the western edge of the known world in ancient times. I had hoped … Continue reading

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Two Greek Hauntings

When I fell ill last March, the experience robbed me of my inclination and ability to write, but mercifully, this seems to have been a temporary state of affairs. There are many things I wish to write about, particularly concerning … Continue reading

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A Memorial to Alan Kurdi

It is neither my desire nor my intention to mislead anyone, so I will begin by saying that this post deals solely with my failure to realise my ambition to create and put in place a physical memorial to Alan … Continue reading

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Leningrad, August 1990

The words and deeds of Russia and her leader have dominated the news over the course of the last two weeks. To judge from the tone and content of most of what I’ve read in the media, many senior figures … Continue reading

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