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Stonehenge and Another Failing of Science.

Back in 2004 or thereabouts, after I’d left Wessex Archaeology and before I started my Eternal Idol site, I wrote a book on Stonehenge provisionally entitled A Glimpse of the Great Beyond, a work based on my absolute conviction that one … Continue reading

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Stonehenge and the Secret of the Dance

If there’s one thing the world isn’t short of, it’s thrilling insights, theories and revelations concerning the secrets of Stonehenge, so I’m reluctant to add to this ongoing sum total. As such, I’ll confine myself to a brief observation that … Continue reading

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The Orijinn of Stonehenge?

The post that follows is admittedly a bit of a mess, so I feel I need to explain why this should be in advance of anyone troubling themselves to read it. To begin with, I’ve often referred to all the … Continue reading

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Modern Machinations & Merlin’s Engines

Once again, the astonishing Antikythera Mechanism is in the news and rightly so, because further detailed study of this intricate device has suggested that it’s older than was previously thought and may have been constructed as early as 205 BC. … Continue reading

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