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The Missing Years of Jesus

Since the disaster with the servers that took Eternal Idol offline, I’ve temporarily lost access to much of the information and writing I’d accumulated over the course of a decade or so. It’s inevitable that I should have forgotten about … Continue reading

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The Name of the Rose

When I first started writing on my Eternal Idol site, around a decade ago, I was advised by many well-meaning people that there was no future in composing and publishing lengthy essays on Stonehenge or any other subjects because there … Continue reading

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Stonehenge Tunnel Vision

I’m extremely grateful to Brian for writing in so eloquently a few days ago, thereby planting the seed of an idea in my mind, while I’m also very grateful to Jon for his incisive thoughts on the matter and for … Continue reading

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The Orijinn of Stonehenge?

The post that follows is admittedly a bit of a mess, so I feel I need to explain why this should be in advance of anyone troubling themselves to read it. To begin with, I’ve often referred to all the … Continue reading

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Newton’s Strange Seas

The older I get, the more pleasure and satisfaction I derive from reading poetry, although I wouldn’t say that my tastes are all-encompassing. When I was a child in the 1960s, I was thrilled to hear songs by the Beatles … Continue reading

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The Return of Eternal Idol?

I understand that my Eternal Idol site may well be returning within a few weeks, after languishing for a few months in the internet’s equivalent of Purgatory, or Limbo. I’m not yet sure what form it will take, but while … Continue reading

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Original investigation into “The Ruin” as being the earliest description in English of Stonehenge: June 29th 2008.

  As I made clear in my previous post, I am thrilled beyond measure that the BBC have featured an investigation by Dr Graeme Davis into the idea that the mediaeval poem The Ruin contains the earliest known reference in … Continue reading

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