Blueboy – A Doggy Tale

In the middle of March, 2016, roughly a week after I’d fallen so ill and while I was still struggling badly in hospital, my wonderful dog Blueboy had to be put to sleep. I swore to myself that if it was the last thing I did, as far as writing was concerned, I would construct a memorial for him that went some way to doing him and his life justice. I’ve deliberately written as much as I can about other matters since leaving hospital; chronicling my difficult recovery, corresponding with others via email, making regular posts on Facebook and engaging with others as best I can, in an attempt to be sociable and to be a meaningful part of the real world that continuously thrives around me.

At the beginning of the year, I even made a halfway decent start on an entirely new, Stonehenge-related project that I remain extremely excited about, but with the best will in the world, this faltered after the fire that destroyed my home, so I’m building up to restarting it and writing it properly.

For now, it’s high time that I found some discipline and put pen to paper in everlasting memory of this wonderful dog, which a benevolent Fate brought into my life in 2001. There is no time like the present, so I intend to start the moment I’ve published this post and I look forward to being happily occupied for around a month, turning a vivid gallery of mental images into print, so that Blueboy can live on as a literary doggy hero, as well as in the form of his loving spirit and the glorious memories that trail in his wake.

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