Manchester Attack

For weeks, I’ve been growing more and more angry and exasperated when I’ve been watching television, on account of all the lying, bickering politicians, reporters and supporters. Today, I’ve been hearing stories of little girls with plastic bags burned into their skin and hair, with nails blown into their faces by a bomb, along with most other horrors you’d care to imagine, so I’d give anything for this not to have happened and to be back instead to simply complaining about grown men and women slagging each other off.

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1 Response to Manchester Attack

  1. hopemorrowglidden says:

    YES, SAD.and VERY Upsetting world We live today, I can try to replace myself into the Ancient times, as I do often,makes me feel better to dwell with the Celts & Native Americans, but perhaps things were not that great at times either then,less people???? Who really knows, man makes a mess of things, that is why I Love the Animals so much.Take care Dennis.

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