Llanthony Secunda Manor

The video above was brought to my attention a few minutes ago, but with the best will in the world, I couldn’t watch more than just a few minutes of it. My little sister once used to own this place and live there with her family, so I visited and stayed within these old walls more times than I care to remember, while I’m sure there were occasions when I was there by myself – for a while, at least – after dark.

There must be few people in Britain more interested in ghosts and more inclined to believe in their existence than I am, but I never heard so much as a whisper during all the time that I was at Llanthony Secunda Manor, nor did I see so much as a fleeting shadow in the house or grounds. It certainly possessed a notable atmosphere, though, as far as I was concerned, especially on the top floor, which seemed to me to be permanently bathed in a warm glow of deep serenity and happiness.

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