Blueboy’s Stream


The day will come when I write an elegy for Blueboy, but that will have to be when I’m feeling a lot better and when I’ve returned to something resembling my old, former self. As well as writing a commemorative verse for him, I want to further honour his memory by writing about his life and about how it changed mine, so I suppose this is something I can at least make a start on in the form of unpublished notes.

In the meantime, I am only now beginning to truly appreciate how big a part of my life Blueboy was. He accompanied me everywhere, day or night, so I now realise how much he enhanced my appreciation of my surroundings and I often have to face the sad fact of how much I miss him. He imbued my wanderings around the countryside with a gentle euphoria it’s currently impossible for me to describe, but I’m sure that with the passage of time, I’ll be able to do him some form of justice.

Yesterday, for the first time in over a year, I made my way down to a place where I can still literally see Blueboy with no effort and with no psychic ability. Even as he got older and found it harder to walk, we would always come to this quiet sanctuary, where the bank gently slopes down to the cool stream and where Blueboy would splash and drink its sparkling waters. I’d often walk in to the shallow pool with him and do little more than stand there while the dragonflies danced around me and while Blueboy would lazily wander up and down the stream before just standing still, cooling himself down and sending his doggy senses out beyond the confines of his body to explore the wilds and rushes.

Since coming out of hospital, I’ve been preoccupied with my physical health, which is hardly surprising considering the enormity of what I’ve endured, but I’ve always been aware that one of the most important factors in healing is a sense of calm and happiness. This achingly beautiful, shaded pool is an Otherworld sweetly haunted by the kind spirit of one of the best friends I could ever dream of, so it’s an Arcadian retreat I’m blessed to know and which I’ll be visiting more and more often.

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4 Responses to Blueboy’s Stream

  1. Good to see you’ve made a marvellous recovery Dennis (if you haven’t quite yet, it sure looks like it)


    • eternalidol says:

      By one of those cosmic coincidences, I’ve just returned from a gym rehab session; it was the longest and most intensive I’ve yet managed, which I assure you is saying very little indeed, while it’s told me just how incredibly weak and unfit I am. Having spoken with the nurses, this is not really a surprise after a month in hospital and a huge operation, so I’ve got a long, long way to go. Still, it could be far worse, so I’m grateful for this and also grateful for you dropping me a line, Jonathan – thank you.


  2. Dan H. says:

    Looks like you could use a holiday to me. By a startling coincidence, there is something that might interest you happening this weekend on the north side of Devon, pretty much a hop skip and a jump away for you (and a gruelling day-long slog down the motorways for me, damn it!):

    Have a shufti, you may like it. I hear tell that this may be the last Devonian Weird Weekend for a while, so get it while it is still there.

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  3. Hope Morrow Glidden says:

    Dear Dennis, Although You don’t know me, I do Pray to GOD for Wisdom as to my Art /Painting, perhaps He has opened the door to You ,as I LOVE, and dwell in the Ancients. Most Christians don’t understand my LOVE for GOD’S creatures (most being the DOG) I do believe I am Ancient myself, I am Oral,and VISUAL,sadly I become confused when reading,but I know enough about You, and Your GREAT LOVE for Your Canine companion, and the Ancient World to compel me to keep in touch with You,I have MUCH to say, perhaps TOO Much for words, so my question to You is ——–Is there anyway I could send You a few photos of my unfinished works, I have put aside because only I understand them,(and a few of my close friends) I want nothing from You,just that You see them in the same light as I, and my Faith in that they are always with us.If You do not feel safe in giving me an address to You, perhaps to a place indirectly? Thanks much, Hope Morrow Glidden.

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