“He Must Live With The Shame Of What He’s Done” – Parliament’s New Motto?


In Game of Thrones, the various noble houses have their own words, or mottoes, that serve to give others some idea of their aims and character. The words of House Lannister, for example, are “Hear Me Roar“, while the words of House Greyjoy are “We Do Not Sow“, those of House Stark “Winter Is Coming“, and so forth.

In an interview today, Lord Heseltine heaped opprobrium upon Boris Johnson – the man who would once have been be king – by saying “He must live with the shame of what he’s done”, although this scathing observation was far from being the only caustic thing that he had to say about the man who has so suddenly fallen from grace, as it seems that only a few hours ago, the world metaphorically lay at his feet. I am no admirer of Johnson, but in all fairness, I would say that the notion that he must live with the shame of what he’s done is one that could be applied equally well to a host of our politicians.

The standing of these people was at an all-time low prior to last week’s referendum vote, but despite the many calls for reason and understanding in light of the assassination of the MP Jo Cox, I would say it has plummeted still further as a result of the vote and of the way that many politicians have comported themselves since. It is unedifying to see so many of them viciously fighting among themselves, driven by a naked hunger for power, at a time when I think it’s fair to say that our country and Parliament are in turmoil, while I doubt that we’ve yet seen the lowest point to which some of our representatives can sink.

With all this in mind, I think it would be fitting if Parliament itself could have a new motto. The official ‘words’ of the European Union are “United In Diversity”, which seems fair enough, but it seems equally fitting for Lord Heseltine’s words “He Must Live With The Shame Of What He’s Done” to be carved prominently somewhere on the physical structure of the Houses of Parliament, for all to see and for none to forget.

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