Pagan Dawn and Alan Moore

It may well be because I’m looking in the wrong places, but I’m frequently disappointed by the quality of much that I see online concerning paganism, magic, art, poetry and the like, mainly because the ideas expressed are either vague and ill-informed or else because it seems to me that they’re often based on wishful thinking.

I don’t actively seek these things out on a regular basis, because I have my own library, my own store of experiences and my own thoughts on these and related matters, but I don’t think it’s wise or healthy to live and work in seclusion without contemplating the ideas and experiences of others. It stands to reason that other people who have the same broad interests as myself will be blessed with insights or will make observations that hadn’t occurred to me, but these things are often difficult to articulate when you’re dealing with the apparently nebulous matters that science largely disdains to deal with, matters such as magic, poetry and art.

And so it was that I was very pleased to discover this lengthy, detailed and insightful interview with the renowned Alan Moore on the Art of Magic in the Pagan Dawn magazine, which I strongly recommend to anyone interested in creativity, magic and science. And if anyone knows of other interviews with Alan Moore that deal with similar subjects, I’d love to hear of them.

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  1. Steven godby says:

    I used to work for Geoff in 1987-1994 he talt me how to joust I start of as the jester then Geoff saw me ride the pit pony Morgan and from there he talt me how to joust I had a gd trainer on how to fall of the houses thanks to Charlie and from there me and Charlie were one of the best of fulling of horses i like to thank Geoff and val for the best Time of my life as Richard earl of Cornwall RIP geoff


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