A Song for David Bowie


Oh hear this, David Jones
I wrote a song for you
It’s one of yours with different words –
It’s the best that I can do.
I want to sing your praises
And to do so from the heart
My thoughts all turn to the songs you wrote
But where on Earth do I start?

Well, here they come, here they come
Those words of Fame and Kooks
From the mouth of Ziggy Stardust
From the lips of the Thin White Duke
You sang of Starmen, Golden Years
Of Oddities in Space
Of Heroes, Genies, Suffragettes
With an ever-changing face.

I want to do you justice
But it’s just too much to ask
To even list your greatest hits
Is far too hard a task
But your qualities were awesome
Even now, they make me smile
Imagination, mystery,
Great genius and pure style

Well, here they come, here they come
These words of warmth and praise
From the Vatican for Major Tom,
From some saddened men in space,
We’re gathering in Brixton
In New York and Berlin
To say goodbye to a man we loved
Who enriched the world we’re in.

When I turned on the news today
I learned that you had died
And I’ll admit I closed my eyes
And for a while, I cried
But I’ll not forget your gift to us
And God forbid I should,
For you taught us all of Changes,
And that different = good.

To say ‘thank you’ can never be enough. God bless you, David Bowie.

Image credit – Jimmy King

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