Lily Partridge

_87099360_lily1I was deeply saddened yesterday when I learned of the untimely death of Lily Partridge, pictured above, the young woman who collapsed and died after being injured in a rugby match on Sunday, at North Tawton in Devon. My daughter is the friend of another young woman who in turn had been a great friend of Lily, so there was real shock and sorrow in our household when we learned of this terrible news.

Despite all the hours that I spent over the years standing on the side of a pitch watching my children play rugby, I never had the honour of meeting Lily, which I regard as a great shame. From what I’ve read of her character in the many news reports online that have spoken of this tragedy, she was kind to animals, she taught young children, she was brave enough to play the toughest sport on the planet in all weathers and she had a pronounced sense of humour, so it’s just heartbreaking that such a beautiful young woman with so many admirable virtues should be taken away from us so long before her time.

God bless you, Lily, and my deepest condolences to all your friends and family.

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