Tim Daw, English Heritage and another Stonehenge Mystery

In a brief post on his excellent Sarsen site, Tim Daw announces that he no longer works for English Heritage, adding that his erstwhile employers didn’t like him blogging about Stonehenge, so one cannot help wondering, “Why on Earth not?”

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2 Responses to Tim Daw, English Heritage and another Stonehenge Mystery

  1. grumpyozols says:

    Bad news and good news.

    Really sorry to see Tim depart Stonehenge. He showed us some unique and truly exciting aspects of the place, including his spectacular discovery of the parch marks.

    However, it appears that Tim will now be free to post as he wishes on his blog and I’m sure we can expect all kinds of new and interesting things there.


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  2. eternalidol says:

    Let’s face it, there’s more chance of finding regular updates on Stonehenge on Paris Hilton’s Twitter feed than there is of learning something new on the relevant English Heritage site, despite their vast income and huge amount of staff.

    With this in mind, any reasonable person would think that EH would be pathetically grateful to have an employee who not only provided original information on Stonehenge on his own site in his own free time, but who also made a genuinely notable discovery that went around the world. For some reason known only to themselves, however, EH are apparently not grateful for Tim’s efforts, hence my mention of yet another Stonehenge mystery to be added to the list.


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