All Saints’ Day

All Saints’ Day and it’s hot as Hell
With bleak grey clouds, and then there fell
A creeping mist and shadows humid
From which the cold and silver Moon hid:
Tropics in our northern climes?
An omen of our changing times?
Autumn’s cloak in bronze and gold
Should waft us breezes tinged with cold:
Instead, my cheeks with red are burnished
As if I’d stared into a furnace.

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2 Responses to All Saints’ Day

  1. Juris Ozols says:

    Dennis –

    The attached picture is my reaction to your poem.


    Actually it’s not. It really is a photo that I took, at a local Halloween celebration, of a young lass dressing up as a “zombie.” I’ve been looking for a place to use that photo and your post seems to be the best I can do for now, so here it is.


    Just a note, the autumn has been great here in Minnesota this year so far too, with no freezing temperatures yet. The little goblins had great weather last night to do their Halloween evening things. But we all know what’s coming, sooner or later…


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    • eternalidol says:

      Thank you for this excellent photo, Juris, while you’ve happily reminded me of something I’d forgotten about for decades. At some point in the early 1980s, I somehow acquired – instead of an organ donor card – a very realistic and convincing ‘zombie card’ on which was written I WOULD LIKE TO LIVE AFTER MY OWN DEATH, something that amused me and which I carried in a wallet.

      Otherwise, I’m glad the Minnesota goblins had fun last night and I think it’s great that Halloween has taken off as much as it has, because the kids all love dressing up and wandering around after dark getting sweets and treats. Otherwise, I think more and more of the words of the Stark family from A Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming.


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