Wales 28, England 25


Congratulations to the Welsh rugby team, on what is probably their greatest win ever on foreign soil, in beating England by 28 points to 25 earlier this evening.

Unless you happen to be Welsh, I don’t think it’s possible to appreciate the enormity of this win or the euphoria it’s generated, but to beat the English team at Twickenham of all places, in front of their massed supporters during the Rugby World Cup when the Welsh team were cursed by injuries before and during the match, is an incredible achievement.

There’s nothing quite like seeing the Red Dragon Rampant.


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2 Responses to Wales 28, England 25

  1. satanicviews says:

    Lots of surprises in this championship.

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    • eternalidol says:

      I’m not surprised there’s already been such a huge amount of comment on this match; I’m no sports writer, but I could very easily pen a few thousand words of my own examining what happened last night.

      As a Welshman, there’s no finer sight at the final whistle than a field of beaten Englishmen and if that field is at Twickenham, then that’s as good as it gets, in my view. However, while I was celebrating until dawn along with most of the rest of Wales, I suppose, I never forget what a brutal and demanding game it is, so I have the utmost respect for all those who take part, regardless of their nationality.

      Despite the significance of this win, the euphoria it generated and how much beating England matters to the Welsh, it is still just a game. If nothing else, Chris Robshaw and Stuart Lancaster are fine gentlemen, so I thought it was a very great shame to see them both at the post match conference in such a state and fearful of the ferocious backlash from certain sectors of the media and their own supporters. If anyone thinks they could do better, they are of course welcome to apply for the position of coach or else to pull on a shirt and take to the field themselves.

      This is the greatest sport on the planet and as such, it’s meant to be enjoyed by participants and spectators alike, regardless of the outcome of individual matches. So, once again, my congratulations to Wales on their heroic efforts and for lifting the spirit of a nation. Well done also to England, without whom we would not have had such an incredibly tough and gripping encounter that’s already entered both history and folklore, and may the future hold many more such magical contests.

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