Rowley Irlam, Emmy Award Winner 2015


Congratulations to Rowley Irlam, my friend and former fellow knight, for winning a coveted Emmy Award for his outstanding work as the stunt coordinator on the superlative Game of Thrones.

Exactly a quarter of a century ago, I had the honour and the pleasure of watching Rowley’s dynamic and creative work as a horseman when we toured Europe, Scandinavia and Russia together on a mediaeval jousting tournament, so I couldn’t be happier that his incredible abilities have now been recognised on the world stage by his peers.

The last time I worked with him was almost twenty years ago on the BBC’s Ivanhoe series, but I’ve looked on in undisguised awe as he’s appeared in the Batman, Star Wars, Harry Potter and James Bond franchises, although these enviable credits are merely the tip of the iceberg of a long and distinguished career.

In recent times, however, I’ve been literally entranced, along with millions of others the world over, as the Game of Thrones saga has unfolded before us, so I don’t mind admitting for a moment that my enjoyment of the memorable conflicts between the Lannisters, the Starks and others has been enhanced by the knowledge that Rowley has contributed to much to their appearance on my screen.

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