This Black Cat is Familiar

In my recent autobiographical work A Tale of Sound & Fury (see Media section, above), I briefly recounted the story of how six or so people in London had described and pointed out to me the form of my black cat, who had died over ten years before in my home in south Wales, but who seemed to have accompanied me on my travels despite the fact that I wasn’t in any way aware of his presence other than as a fond memory.

I have no doubt, however, that for reasons of his own, he’s with me still here in my study, so you may imagine my enormous pleasure when I came across the following passage from chapter three of The Antiquary, by Sir Walter Scott:

“In the midst of this wreck of ancient books and utensils, with a gravity equal to [that of] Marius among the ruins of Carthage, sat a large black cat, which, to a superstitious eye, might have presented the genius loci, the tutelar demon of the apartment.”

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One Response to This Black Cat is Familiar

  1. Dr Dan H. says:

    Ahhh, the motif of the black cat. They’re strange things, are black cats. For most of the history of Britain, nobody much saw any of ’em. During the seventeenth century onwards, people started seeing highly unusual big, black dogs, horrible and possibly Satanic apparitions which (it has only now been noticed) tended to coincide with the routes which the smugglers of contraband tended to use.

    And then we come to the present. Dogs are out, big black cats are in, and nobody has much of an idea why this might be. Well, some do, and (shameless plug ahoy) they will be down in Devon very soon.

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