Averse to Rolf Harris


A few hours ago, I learned that according to reports on the BBC and in the Mail on Sunday, the former entertainer and convicted paedophile Rolf Harris was expressing his thoughts on his victims in verse, or lyrics. I doubt he’ll ever get to see this, but two can play at that particular game:

When I was a youngster, I thought you were great
You were talented, funny and everyone’s mate
Yes I gasped at your paintings and loved all your songs
You brought us all joy, you could do nothing wrong
The reverence we felt carried on through the years
And while Animal Hospital brought us to tears
Your appeal never dulled, as you’d always been there
In our homes and our hearts, with no thought to beware.
I couldn’t believe it when you were accused
I felt physically ill when I learned you’d abused
These innocent children, betraying their trust
While earning you undying hate and disgust
You’ve fouled all our memories, you’ve poisoned the well
And you’re where you belong – in a cold, lonely cell.
But even in prison, where you rightly languish
Your sense of entitlement adds to the anguish
Of all those poor souls you attacked and betrayed
So they’re rightly appalled and we’re further dismayed
At your lack of remorse and your venom and greed
Which makes me conclude you should never be freed.
Well, I can do nothing to ever reverse
The passage of history and with it, the curse
Of your presence among us, so, like a rank stain
Your name and your face will forever remain.
But thankfully, your living years are now fewer
And when your time comes, may you rot in a sewer.

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