Bobby Jindal, “No Go Zones” and more #foxnewsfacts


While it is a fact that Bobby Jindal is the Republican governor of Lousiana, I feel it’s equally true to say that this man is also a native of Dumbfuckistan. This became evident to me when I learned of his speech in the House of Commons in Britain in which he claimed that there are “no go zones” for non-Muslims in Britain, something he was unable to substantiate in a truly embarrassing interview with CNN afterwards, which you can see here.

Let’s face it, there are parts of British cities that have high crime rates, where even I might feel uncomfortable wandering around after dark, alone. From what I’ve read, there may be some small parts of some cities with a large Muslim population where the universal welcome at times might not be quite as as warm as it is elsewhere, but why this complete idiot Jindal persists with the discredited #foxnewsfact that there are “no go zones” for non-Muslims in British cities is a mystery to me.

Stranger still, we live on a small island, so if Mr Jindal wanted to see the facts for himself, he could have hailed a taxi from Westminster to a station like King’s Cross, and he could have been in the heart of Birmingham in just a couple of hours, while I’m sure the CNN camera team would have been happy to accompany him in search of this particular “Never Never Land”.

If the oaf is so convinced of the existence of places that the rest of us here have somehow failed to notice, then he is perfectly at liberty and indeed welcome to seek them out, record them on film, then take back to the US of A as conclusive proof of the ongoing decline of Europe in general and Britain in particular. And while he’s at it, he might find it enlightening for him to visit certain remote parts of North Wales and Cornwall while pretending to be English πŸ™‚

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7 Responses to Bobby Jindal, “No Go Zones” and more #foxnewsfacts

  1. Dan Johnston says:

    Louisiana-Dumbfuckistan-what’s the difference, except the seafood is better in Louisiana.

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    • eternalidol says:

      Speaking as someone who’s lived in the UK for around 55 years, I would say there’s a case to be made that we punch above our weight when it comes to imbeciles, as I’ve encountered more than a few complete and utter morons in my time and I’m painfully aware of many more. However, it also has to be said that the US of A pretty much leaves us standing when it comes to promoting their own home-grown idiots and Bobby Jindal of Dumbfuckistan is just the latest to hog the headlines πŸ™‚


  2. eternalidol says:

    I realise that this might well qualify as l’esprit d’escalier at the third remove, but I’ve just been perusing one of the things the cretinous Mr Jindal had to say in this interview, to whit: “There are people here in London who will tell you there are neighbourhoods where the women don’t feel safe walking through those neighbourhoods without veils.”

    What the CNN reporter should have said at this point is something along these lines: “OK, I’ll hail a cab for us, then you tell us where one of these London no-go zones is and we’ll capture it all on film. We’re in central London, so unless one of these minor caliphates is at the most far-flung reaches of the metropolis, it shouldn’t take us more than about 45 minutes to get there and everyone who suspects that you, sir, originate from Dumbfuckistan will have to eat their words when they see the footage. C’mon – let’s saddle up!”


  3. Juris Ozols says:

    Dennis –

    You have to understand that Mr. Jindal is a very ordinary Basic American Right Wing Fruitcake – a “BARWF.” It is the inevitable fate of all BARWFs to go belly up due to an excess of bullet holes in their feet. You can rest assured that Mr. J. will do so sooner or later, and based on his latest it may well be sooner.

    To be sure the U.S. produces a seemingly endless stream of BARWFs, but other countries have their own variants so America shouldn’t be criticized too severely. However, we do seem to lead the pack. As an example, I give you Michelle Bachmann, the former Congresswoman from my own state of Minnesota, a BARWF of impeccable credentials. Indeed, in a recent poll she won the distinction of being voted America’s Leading BARWF. Why? As just one small example I give you this quote from the Wikipedia article about her:

    “Bachmann has said that global warming is “all voodoo, nonsense, hokum, a hoax”[85] and has been called “one of the GOP’s loudest global warming skeptics”.[86] She has expressed the view that carbon dioxide is “a natural byproduct of nature” and is a beneficial gas required by plant life. She stated that because life requires carbon dioxide and it is part of the planet’s life cycle, it cannot be harmful. In a statement she made on the House floor on Earth Day, April 22, 2009, Bachmann stated she was against the cap and trade climate legislation, stating: “Carbon dioxide is not a harmful gas, it is a harmless gas. Carbon dioxide is natural; it is not harmful … We’re being told we have to reduce this natural substance to create an arbitrary reduction in something that is naturally occurring in the earth.”

    I don’t know if Mr. J. is in her class yet, but obviously he is trying very hard.

    The thing to realize about him is that he will disappear from our midst anon, (perhaps in a puff of harmless carbon dioxide?), but of course leaving the world a worse place for his time on the scene. My advice is to just ignore him.



    • eternalidol says:

      Juris, my friend!

      I’ve been at pains to stress that while America undoubtedly possesses some extraordinary and very high profile halfwits, then such people aren’t exactly rare in the British Isles, either. We have many people who are quite breath-takingly stupid, but mercifully, for the most part, they’re kept away from the cameras, while precious few of them are able to write and thus impose their ignorance on the rest of Mankind.

      I don’t object to an American or any other foreigner coming to this sceptred isle and pointing out what in their view might be a few shortcomings, because Britain is far from perfect. As I said in my post, we certainly have deprived areas, rough neighbourhoods and other locales that are either unwelcoming or else actually dangerous for one reason or another, mainly the high crime levels, but it is simply untrue to say there are areas in Britain that are no-go zones to non-Muslims. If there were indeed such places, then we could be certain that the knuckle-draggers that comprise the leadership of Britain First and the EDL would have gleefully pointed them out long ago, but the fact is that they don’t exist and no amount of insistence to the contrary by Fox News and the likes of Jindal will make it otherwise.

      You’ve graced our shores with your presence, Juris, so you’ll be well aware that we’re a small island. If someone wants to go in search of a particular place, be it Loch Ness, an old battlefield, the supposed site of Arthur’s Camelot or anywhere else, for that matter, then all these places are quickly accessible from any given point in Britain by way of a train journey and a taxi ride at the other end; we’re hardly on a par with the Mid West or the Outback, for example.

      I suppose the main reason I post things like this is because some people actually believe the sheer drivel that the likes of Jindal come out with, so I regard it as my civic and moral duty to publicly correct and pour scorn on him, just as I’d expect you to do the decent thing with the likes of Piers Morgan, for example πŸ™‚


    • eternalidol says:

      And while I’m on the subject, I remember reading that your Michelle Bachman once said that she didn’t believe that aeroplanes couldn’t fly over bodies of water without assistance from witchcraft. I was so amazed by this that I looked it up and it turns out that it’s not true, but the dreadful woman is so completely crazy that it’s perfectly possible to believe that she holds such views – perhaps she secretly does?


  4. eternalidol says:

    In my personal opinion, any and all headcases in America are cancelled out by the wit of Jon Stewart, because I was literally crying with laughter when I saw this clip examining if it was possible that Alabama could become the new ISIS state of Al-Abama πŸ™‚


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