Hijabberwocky and other #foxnewsfacts


It’s a well-known fact that Fox News exclusively draws its personnel from and broadcasts exclusively for the benefit of the land-locked American state Dumbfuckistan. Yesterday, when the rest of the civilised world was engaged in deep, painful introspection after the murders and sieges in Paris, Fox News spoke to Mr Steve Emerson, a terrorism expert, who announced that the city of Birmingham was “totally Muslim” and a “no go zone” for non-Muslims.

As a 55 year old native Briton, I was just as surprised to learn this as the ancient Sumerians were, around 6,000 years ago, when God created the world around them. All the same, you can’t argue with the facts, so here are a few more for the benefit of those residents of Dumbfuckistan who evidently know more about the British Isles than those of us that live here do.

Birmingham Caliphate insists on re-naming Lewis Carroll’s poem for children ‘Hijabberwocky’ – #foxnewsfact
All-Muslim inhabitants of Birmingham rename their city ‘Birminghamas’ – #foxnewsfact
Birmingham Caliphate insists that Britain’s most popular soap opera is renamed ‘Koran Nation Street’ – #foxnewsfact
Birmingham Caliphate now extends as far south as the Veil of Pewsey – #foxnewsfact

Here are some others, my favourite being the kind offer from Rabeb Othmani and thank you very much to James Martin @Pundamentalism for the highly informative map.

Update: http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/that-steve-emerson-foxnewsfacts-interview-is-even-worse-than-you-think–lkO4fdUh5x is even worse than I originally thought – unbelievable.

Update: It’s even worse than I last thought: http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/this-is-ridiculous-even-for-fox-news–eyBL0Z525g

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