The Moral Degeneracy of Britain First


Of all the distressing information and imagery that emerged from yesterday’s violence in Paris, the worst for me was the sight of a wounded policeman – who it appears may have been a Muslim – lying wounded on the pavement and pleading for his life in vain before being executed.

From what I can see, reaction around the world ranges from distress to outrage from all sections of society and understandably so, while I do not pretend to have any answers. However, the Britain First party were clearly unhampered by any ethical or moral considerations, as you can see from this link and from the screenshot above.

They chose to post footage of this horror on their Facebook page and immediately used it as a means of plugging their merchandise, urging “patriots” to visit their online store and thereby put a few more pounds into Britain First’s coffers, all at the expense of a brave man who’s no longer with us.

Britain First have long had a policy of attempting to capitalise on events to forward their own agenda of applying a collective guilt to all Muslims on account of the actions of a few. This is bad enough, but the sheer callousness and naked greed of exploiting a dying man’s last moments for financial gain is the shameful act of the absolute dregs of British society scraping the bottom of a very rancid barrel.


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