Louisa Manning


One story that caught my eye and my imagination a few days ago was that of Louisa Manning, the young woman who found an opportunity to take belated but spectacular revenge in the spirit of Voltaire upon a childhood tormentor. It had swept around the world on social media and had been prominently featured in many news outlets, while the overwhelming majority of contributors commended Louisa on her actions and for providing inspiration to countless others who continue to suffer from bullying and its effects.

There were inevitably critics who tried to detract from Louisa’s success and popularity by retreating into philosophical abstractions in a futile attempt to somehow portray her as the oppressor. Such people are patently bitter and envious of Louisa, because rather than write to her privately and display some generosity of spirit, they’re taking her to task in public on her Facebook page, or in other words, they’re displaying exactly the same behaviour that they’re criticising her for, although the irony is lost on these fine and exciting intellects.

For my part, I was far more impressed by W.H. Auden’s verse, which the writer of genius John le Carre chose to reproduce at the beginning of his wonderful novel The Honourable Schoolboy, as you can see in the photograph at the top of this post.

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