Swan Lake


I habitually write about the uplifting qualities of the British landscape, British antiquities and some British poetry, all of which entrance me, but this is not to say that I’m blind to the finer qualities of modern creations. The photograph above is of Advent celebrations and decorations in Salzburg, Austria, and I think it’s indescribably beautiful, so I hope everyone else will derive as much pleasure from it as much as I have.

It was taken by my wonderful friend Nina, who acted as my Lady Marshall back in 1991 when I was touring Austria with the mediaeval jousting tournament mentioned in my partial autobiography A Tale of Sound & Fury.

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One Response to Swan Lake

  1. eternalidol says:

    I sometimes used to regret that there was no capacity to ‘like’ a post on my old Eternal Idol site, but I now see that my concern was misplaced. A few hours ago, I posted this simple piece about Advent decorations in Salzburg, then I was amazed to see that two people had ‘liked’ it, when a host of other posts over the last few months had gone unremarked upon by most others.

    No one had left a comment explaining why this post on swans had been deserving of a ‘like’, so being naturally curious, I clicked on the links of the sites concerned to discover to my horror that they’d been created by maniacs with absolutely no desire other than to proselytise.

    Utter bastards. If there’s one thing that’s absolutely guaranteed to incur my displeasure, it’s being drawn to click on a link that displays nothing other than dogmatic observations, while these morons obviously think that I’m going be mesmerised by these banal statements of faith, then buy into whatever dismal creed’s on offer.

    From henceforth, I simply won’t bother to investigate who has liked any of my posts unless they’ve got the good grace to leave a comment. Life’s too bloody short.


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