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Tessa, you lit up the world

In late October of this year, I learned to my great sorrow that my friend Tessa Winship had died. I collected my thoughts as best I could, then a few days later, I posted some memories of her here on … Continue reading

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Black Pete, White Jesus

Once again, violent controversy has erupted over Black Pete, the figure from folklore in Holland and Belgium who is personified as the jester companion to St Nicholas in some of the Christmas celebrations in those countries. While I’m not an … Continue reading

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A Perfect Spy

A few notable interruptions notwithstanding, I’ve spent the last decade or so writing about Stonehenge and judging from the amount of traffic my Eternal Idol site received, as well as from some of the kind words that have been sent … Continue reading

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Farewell to Harry and Oliver

Yesterday evening, I was very touched to see this ITV news report about the funeral of a man named Harry Morgan. In brief, when Harry died in South Wales at the age of 85, the Reverend Rachel Simpson was concerned … Continue reading

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The Return of Eternal Idol?

I understand that my Eternal Idol site may well be returning within a few weeks, after languishing for a few months in the internet’s equivalent of Purgatory, or Limbo. I’m not yet sure what form it will take, but while … Continue reading

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Jack Price, A Traveller in an Antique Land

The photograph above means more to me than any other I can remember seeing for a long time. It shows my son Jack gazing into the setting sun from some remote spot in the Atacama Desert, on the other side … Continue reading

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A Victim of the God of War

As we remember all those who have lost their lives in our armed conflicts, I find it impossible to gaze upon the faces of the dead without wondering what might have been, had not all those individual lives been cut … Continue reading

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