Tessa, you lit up the world

In late October of this year, I learned to my great sorrow that my friend Tessa Winship had died. I collected my thoughts as best I could, then a few days later, I posted some memories of her here on this site. I knew that Tessa was widely travelled and had a great many friends both in Britain and abroad, but I was still taken aback by the reaction to what I’d written about her.

One of the facilities on this site is a map of the world and when someone visits a post here from a particular country, that country is highlighted or coloured in for 24 hours. As I’ve just said, I knew that Tessa was a popular girl, but I was still amazed to see so many countries illuminated by so many hundreds of visitors, so I made a point of recording the places of origin, and these were:

The USA, the UK, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Mexico, Spain, Mauritius, Belgium, India, Slovakia, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, Finland, Canada, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Bolivia, Thailand, Slovenia, Estonia, Portugal, the Philippines, Albania, Italy, Ireland, Jersey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Brazil, Singapore, Norway, France and Egypt.

In life, Tessa, you lit up a room with your radiant smile and with your infectious laugh, but even when you left us, you still managed to light up the whole world.


Ave atque vale x

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3 Responses to Tessa, you lit up the world

  1. Jules Geary says:

    You missed Hawaii and Brazil


  2. Jules Geary says:

    You missed Hawaii and Brazil


    • eternalidol says:

      And you missed the opportunity to say something – anything – about your friend Tessa, but perhaps that’s not surprising because around 99% of her purported friends visit the posts about her without leaving any sign of their passing, other than on my stats page. You also missed the chance to say something courteous about the posts about Tessa, as well as the chance to describe how you’re well-placed (and why) to tell me how and why I’ve missed two locations. And you were in such a hurry that you missed the full stops off your meager contributions to this page.


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