EI Interim Home

Welcome to the temporary home of author Dennis Price and Eternal Idol!


Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, my Dead of Night and Eternal Idol sites are currently off-line, so this is where I will be posting until such time as things revert to normal.


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4 Responses to EI Interim Home

  1. Dear Dennis
    I am re-reading your book The Missing Years of Jesus having returned from holiday in Cornwall at the weekend. I return to St Mawes and St Just in Roseland from my home in Essex whenever I can as I wrote a channelled book which was published last year titled The Sacred Order Of The Magi which tells the story of the role The Three Wise Men actually played in the life of Jesus.
    Visiting St Just in Roseland Church last week, I happened upon a church guide who provided far more evidence of Jesus visiting the area than I had known previously which confirms that Jesus did arrive in St Just Creek accompanying Joseph of Arimathea.
    I have also just discovered (the day I returned home!) that there a family group whose names are Balthazar, Caspar and Melchior who still live close by! If only I had known, Dennis.
    My investigations will continue into The Magi in Cornwall now however it is actually only Melchior, the youngest of The Magi, who originated and returned to the St Just in Roseland area (in my book and as I say, which is channelled).
    He was re-united with Jesus when he came to Cornwall as a young adolescent with his uncle.

    I love your book, Dennis…re-reading it upon returning from Cornwall and all the information I have received gives me such a sense of deep spiritual awareness and may I say excitement.

    Kindest Regards

    Dianne Pegler

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    • eternalidol says:

      Dear Dianne,

      I’m very glad you enjoyed my book as much as you did, while I appreciate you taking the time and trouble to find me, write in and tell me so. I was very interested by what you had to say, so I shall be writing to you privately as soon as I can.

      Best wishes from



  2. Hi Dennis,
    we have just ordered your book ‘The Missing Years of Jesus’ . We live in a house in Combe Martin, Devon, which is associated with ancient stories and more recent stories of Jesus. we would very much like to be in touch with you. our website is http://www.cranleighhousehealing.co.uk Tel nos 07985928461 an 01271889325,

    we’ll look forward to speaking to you, keep up the great work!



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